As Human Coalition continues our mission to rescue babies from abortion across America, our rapid expansion indicates there is a definitive need for a compassionate, caring approach to the abortion epidemic.

HC began 2012 working with 9 life-affirming organizations in three states.  We have grown to work with 50 organizations in 20 states in just the last 6 months.

We believe the reason for the growth is simple.  Life-affirming people want to reach out to those who are suffering and contemplating abortion.  We know that, when an abortion-minded parent is treated with respect and care in a non-judgmental environment, that parent is likely to reconsider the decision to abort.

The decision to abort is often made quickly, out of panic, and out of a sense of aloneness.  Yet, in most communities, there are numerous groups of people who want to come alongside a person who feels alone.  They want to help the person, invest in the person, and care for the person.  And they want to help them with the various needs and challenges that childbearing and child-rearing bring.

And when a person who feels alone realizes that she isn’t, she will often realize she can carry the child to term and, in most cases, care for the baby.

Human Coalition is about informed choice.  We work diligently the Internet and with community-based, life-affirming centers to reach abortion-determined people.  We give them a choice.  An informed, compassion, truthful choice.  And they are provided the help and support they need to choose life for their child.

Sometimes an abortion-determined person chooses life.  Sometimes they choose to abort.  When they abort, we continue to offer help, support, counsel, and guidance.

Either way, HC is committed to reaching the abortion-determined person so they can truly consider all of their options and have accurate, complete information and support.  Babies are saved from death in the womb and parents are spared the grief and guilt of abortion.

Let’s press onward!