When you think about the typical woman who finds herself in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, what do you picture? Do you see a young, careless teenager whose dreams of finishing high school are at risk unless she terminates her pregnancy? Maybe you see an affluent college student whose promiscuous partying has finally caught up with her. Or perhaps you imagine an inner-city minority mom who relies on government assistance just to pay the rent.

At Human Coalition we occasionally connect with clients like these, but such women represent just a small percentage of the calls that our affiliate life-affirming centers receive. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the average client is actually in her early to mid-20s. She has at least a high school education and earns a manageable living. Many are either married to or in a long-term relationship with the baby’s father.

Perhaps the most shocking truth about the typical abortion-determined woman is that she already has at least one child.

Of the abortion-determined women that Human Coalition connects with, more than 70 percent of them are already mothers.

They’ve already felt a baby flutter in their wombs. They’ve experienced the miracle of giving birth and the tenderness of holding their newborns for the first time. They’ve celebrated their babies’ first smiles, first steps, and first teeth. They’ve read bedtime stories, thrown birthday parties, and attended soccer games. Yet, when faced with a subsequent pregnancy, these moms often feel incapable—either financially or emotionally—to have another child, and so they seek out an abortion clinic to terminate their pregnancies.

Human Coalition works with life-affirming centers that are equipped to counsel moms who feel they have no choice but to abort subsequent children. In a compassionate and loving way, our counselors remind a mother about the powerful love she has for her current child(ren). The counselor also points out that the unborn baby is not just a son or daughter; he or she is already a member of the family. By gently painting a broad picture of the family circle, our counselors help a mother understand the larger ramifications of getting an abortion. It would not only deny life to her unborn child, but also deprive her other child(ren) of a new sibling.

Just last month, Angela, a mother of two, went online to search for an abortion clinic. Human Coalition was there to connect her with a life-affirming center, and she scheduled an appointment. With her husband and children by her side, Angela went to the center determined to have an abortion. But her heart melted when she saw her unborn baby’s ultrasound picture. In her excitement, she invited her husband and children to come into the room to see the picture. Angela’s husband, who until now had resigned himself to the abortion, tearfully exclaimed, “That’s our baby!”

The counselors directed Angela and her family to organizations where they could receive the support they’ll need to parent a third child. Once she realized there is a circle of support undergirding her family, Angela left the center feeling excited about welcoming another baby into her family.

Human Coalition is passionate about getting in front of women like Angela who are unaware of the love and support that’s available to them in their time of need. Our experience tells us that if more moms knew that a support system is just a phone call away, they would almost always choose life for their unborn children.

Human Coalition relies on generous donations from our supporters to connect with moms like Angela. And these moms are probably a lot like the women you know—at church, at the park, or at school. They may even live next door to you. They are desperate and hurting, and they need our help. Will you please help us reach them? Please make a gift to Human Coalition today so we can connect with these women who feel they have nowhere to turn in their time of need.

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