As a partner in the mission to rescue babies and families from abortion, I hope you will make plans to join with Human Coalition as we participate in some of 2014’s largest and most prominent pro-life marches.

Throughout the month of January, you’ll find Human Coalition marching in the Dallas March for Life on January 18, the Washington D.C. March for Life on January 22, and the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco on January 25. With a 25-foot long banner featuring the recognizable Human Coalition logo, our team of staff and volunteers will lead a contingency of pro-life activists through the streets of these strategically selected cities, sharing our mission and asking others to begin praying with us for LIFE. We look forward to seeing you in Dallas, Washington D.C., and/or San Francisco!

Each march presents an opportunity for pro-life organizations and their supporters to stand in solidarity for life on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, while also memorializing the more than 56 million children who’ve been aborted since 1973.

Human Coalition has come up with some important ways that you can get involved:

  1. March with us. If you plan to attend any one of the three marches, we invite you to join us as we proudly display our banner for prayer. (For more information on our prayer app, please visit We’d be honored to march alongside some of our strongest advocates for life—advocates like you. Please join HC in Dallas, Washington D.C., and/or San Francisco.
  2. Pray. As we march and build awareness about the devastating impact of abortion, pray that hearts will be softened and many ears will be opened to hear our message. Pray too that the mainstream media, which historically has censored its coverage of pro-life marches throughout the nation, will be moved to cover these gatherings without their usual pro-abortion bias.

Life marches provide an opportunity for pro-life organizations, churches, and individuals to come together and with one voice to speak out against the silent holocaust that steals the lives of 3,500 unborn children every day. Please join this effort to help make our voices heard. Commit to march with us, pray with us, or both . . . and help us bring an end to abortion in America.

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