Six seconds of newly publicized video footage may have ended Ray Rice’s career. Most of us learned that the Baltimore Ravens running back had knocked his wife Janay Palmer unconscious back in February, when footage surfaced of Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer (then his fiancée) out of an elevator in Atlantic City. The two were arrested and charged with assault; later Rice was charged with aggravated assault, and the charges against Palmer were dropped. While many criticized his initial two-game suspension as too lenient, the three-time pro-bowler was cheered by the home crowd during the NFL preseason, and it looked as if the incident was soon to be behind him.

But all that changed on September 8 when TMZ posted new video taken from inside the elevator. The footage showed the actual punch: a powerful professional athlete mercilessly knocking a woman unconscious. After the video became public, the Ravens cut Rice from the team, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. So what changed for the Ravens and the NFL from the time they learned of Rice’s aggravated assault charges to September 8? Football fans everywhere saw what actually happened!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth ten thousand. We can read about the Holocaust, but seeing photos of the bodies stacked on top of each other turns our stomachs in a way that words alone may not. The same is true with the Rice altercation. We all knew what must have happened in the elevator, but watching it helped us understand its severity.

So what does this have to do with abortion? Reams have been written about abortion in our culture. Our politicians debate it during every election cycle. We argue about women’s rights and reproductive health. But rarely do we see images or video of the procedures themselves, and most pro-abortion activists want to keep it that way. Nearly all Americans were horrified by the video of what Ray Rice actually did in the elevator. What would they think if they saw footage of what abortionists actually do to unborn babies?

There are many good reasons not to publicize the images [WARNING: GRAPHIC] and footage of the murder of unborn children. I have personally watched many abortion procedures in order to educate myself, and I am physically sickened every time I do. But I have to ask: would pro-choicers still endorse abortion if they knew what was happening “in the elevator”?

Abortion is not a political issue, primarily. It is a brutal reality that our country champions as healthcare and choice. But it is also the unjust killing of an innocent human being.  We must learn to bring what is in the dark into the light, in order to educate the public about this horrific, barbaric practice. We need to stand up and speak the truth, and that truth involves millions of small, voiceless dead bodies.