I never tire of hearing from mothers whose lives have been changed because of Human Coalition.

When we came alongside DeAnn on the Internet, she was searching for abortion information in her neighborhood. A young single mom whose life was turned upside down by Hurricane Katrina, DeAnn had moved across the country to begin a new life. “I thought this was a chance to start over,” she says about her cross-country relocation.

But DeAnn’s dreams of a new start seemed dashed when she became pregnant. The father of the baby, a man whom DeAnn believed truly loved her, abandoned DeAnn to face her pregnancy alone. DeaAnn then turned to the Internet to research her alternatives.

DeAnn’s story is not unusual. In fact, in the United States alone there are an estimated 2.2 million Internet searches for abortion and abortion-related terms every month. Human Coalition is leading the way to connect with women facing unplanned pregnancies, so we can get them the help they need. Through our partnership with participating life-affirming pregnancy centers, we provide compassionate care to help abortion-determined women make a fully informed decision regarding their pregnancies.

In DeAnn’s case, our life-affirming pregnancy medical center provided the only voice of encouragement in the midst of her confusion. “All my friends were telling me everything I can’t do…but this lady, she was just rooting me on and telling everything I could do.” That is the essence of our mission — to reach abortion-determined women and help them choose life.

Through a unique combination of compassion and technology, Human Coalition has helped verifiably rescue more than 3000 babies from abortion — and many of them were just days, even hours away from a scheduled abortion.

Help save a baby from abortion today.