Human Coalition's Rescue PartnersYou’ve read the stories about babies and their families being rescued from abortion by Human Coalition. You know how we use online and offline marketing techniques to reach abortion-determined women and help connect them with a life-affirming clinic, where they receive compassionate care and encouragement to choose LIFE for their unborn children.

But did you know there’s a special way for you to get involved in our mission?

Right now, you can become a charter member of the Human Coalition Rescue Partners.

This group of monthly donors work hand in hand with Human Coalition by committing to a recurring gift that will ensure every unborn child has a chance to make their mark in the world. When you become an HC Rescue Partner, you’ll stand in the gap for unborn children and help provide the opportunity for at-risk women to receive the life-affirming care they need and deserve.

Together, we can make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America. Can we count on you?

To date, Human Coalition has cooperatively saved more than 3,100 babies from abortion in just five years. While we celebrate each and every life rescued, we know thousands more innocent unborn babies need our help.

Read more about how you can help save the lives of innocent unborn babies by becoming a charter member of the HC Rescue Partners today.