As I wrote in the previous two installments in this series, an estimated 57 million preborn human beings have been killed in America in just the last 42 years. That’s roughly 1.3 million a year, 108,000 per month, 3,600 per day, or 2.5 human beings per minute.

Why does our so-called “just” society continue to allow the blatant, rampant, and deadly discrimination against a class of human beings that has no ability to speak for itself or defend itself? Why does a nation that was founded on the principle that every human being has the right to live, willingly kill millions of its own primarily because they aren’t “wanted”?

We even classify this group of humans differently than any other.

The descriptive term unborn hints at a lack of personhood in today’s culture. At Human Coalition, we believe words matter. This is why we generally refer to children not yet born as “preborn” rather than “unborn.”

Think about it. We don’t refer to 3- and 4-year-olds as “unschool children”; we call them “preschool children.” Likewise, we don’t call 11- and 12-year-olds “unadolescents,” but rather “preadolescents.” We use the term preteen, not unteen. But somehow, we’ve accepted the premise that a child not yet born is unborn (not born) rather than preborn (yet to be born).

While some may consider this a skirmish over semantics, this widely accepted terminology undergirds an important point: why are preborn children the only class of humans assigned a negative prefix? Why do we, as a supposedly just society, describe one group of humans with “un”?

It’s just one more example of how we fatally discriminate against our youngest brothers and sisters.

We didn’t kill 57 million of our fellow humans over the last four decades because we disrespected them. We didn’t kill them because they were inconvenient. And we didn’t kill them because we disliked them.

We killed them because we hated them.

We have another word for this type of hate. We call it choice.

Does that mean every mother who chooses to abort her son consciously hates him? No. Many women are forced to abort against their will. Many women abort out of desperation. Many still don’t know they’re killing a human being.

Does every man who coerces his girlfriend to take the morning-after pill hate his preborn child? Sometimes that’s true, but not always. Many abortions do not involve murderous intent.

No, this hatred is cultural, and it is, by and large, hidden. It’s part of the fabric of our national DNA. It’s woven throughout politics, businesses, and even churches.

The hatred is subtle. It’s trumped up in fancy marketing language. It’s justified, falsified, and politicized. It’s buried underneath years of death-loving campaigns. The visible markers of the hatred include terms like “reproductive rights,” “My Body, My Choice,” and “abortion care.”

No other class of human beings evokes more venom, more vitriol, or more rancor than preborn humans. No other class of human beings is cast aside or rejected more than preborn human beings. No other class of human beings is ignored, misrepresented, or vilified more than preborn human beings.

It’s uncomfortable to think about abortion in terms of hate, isn’t it? In fact, you may disagree, claiming that hate is too strong of a word. “We kill preborn humans out of convenience, out of desperation,” you may argue, “but not out of hate.”

Consider this. Is caring for your teenage son always convenient? Does your 2-year-old daughter ever make you feel desperate? Does your solution for relieving those feelings of inconvenience and desperation involve killing your children?

Of course not—born human beings are a protected class.

No, hate is the only rational explanation as to why we, as a nation, continue to permit killing over a million members of our own species every year. We’ve removed them from the protection of our founding documents, we’ve masked their deaths in creative marketing language, we’ve created numerous brutal ways to kill them, and we throw their bodies in the trash after we’re done with them.

We hate them.

And yet there’s a terrible, tragic irony in all of this. While preborn babies are the most hated people group in American history, they are also one of the most coveted, most loved, and most desired people group.

We often celebrate pregnancies and births more than we do marriage. We yearn for children. We throw parties, we send cards, and we wait in hopeful anticipation to see preborn babies face to face. We love babies…as long as we want them.

But if we don’t want them, we hate them.

My first son was born in Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) fights tooth and nail to save premature babies from death. And millions of dollars have been invested in equipment, staff, and training to safely deliver as many babies as possible.

Magee-Womens Hospital also aborts babies. They safely deliver babies, and they kill babies. Why does the same hospital fight to deliver and kill babies?

Because we love and hate babies.

We Americans pride ourselves on being a just society. We want equal rights, fairness for all. We puff up our chests while reciting the Declaration of Independence and claiming we are the most civilized society on the planet.

And yet, we’ve killed over 57 million of our own citizens in just four decades, and we’ve chosen victims who have no ability to defend themselves. We are the most egregious of bullies, picking on an entire class of humans who can’t fight back.

Civilized? Hardly.

We continue to discriminate against a class of humans for our own selfish benefit, creatively disguising the mass killings as our right.

Because we, as a country, hate the preborn.

I’ll be sharing some more thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s sale of pre-born baby body parts and the series of videos exposing the practice shortly.