Every day in Grapevine, Texas, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the two cities where HC owns and operates a women’s care clinic, more and more abortion-determined women are reaching out to us for help. Unfortunately, many of them have limited resources, which prevents them from visiting our brick-and-mortar life-affirming pregnancy centers. That’s why both the Grapevine and Pittsburgh clinics recently launched a Womens Mobile Unit, which allows us to reach those women who cannot come to us.

And the results of this outreach have been amazing!

Since the launch of their mobiles last spring, the Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Grapevine has saved 16 babies and the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills (PRCSH) in Pittsburgh has saved 11 babies, respectively, through their Womens Mobile Units.

These are women like “Elisha” who, upon discovering she was pregnant, immediately searched the Internet for abortion information. An Human Coalition phone number came up during her search, and within minutes Elisha was speaking with one of our highly trained in-house call center agents. Unfortunately, due to her tight finances, Elisha was unable to get to the women’s care clinic closest to her.

But thanks to our state-of-the-art Womens Mobile Clinics, we were able to go to Elisha and provide the help she needed. After receiving one-on-one care, an ultrasound, and Christ-centered encouragement—all within the comfort of a state-of-the-art mobile unit—Elisha chose LIFE for her child!

Elisha chose life for her baby

The launch of HC’s Womens Mobile Units is a God-sized vision realized. After months of prayer and planning, HC can now send caregivers into neighborhoods that are underserved by the pro-life community, bringing life-affirming care to women faced with a crisis pregnancy.

But like any undertaking of this magnitude, success is not contingent upon one person or organization. Indeed, the expense of running and maintaining our two Womens Mobile Clinics is costly, necessitating the prayerful and financial support of people like you.

You can help the HC Womens Mobile Clinics penetrate their cities’ most abortion-riddled communities by making a donation today. A gift of $600 will keep a mobile unit running for a day… $12,000 will keep it running for a month.

No gift is too small to help make a difference in the lives of women like Elisha. In fact, a contribution of just $265 will provide the funds for Human Coalition to reach an abortion-determined woman, in an effort to help her choose life for her baby. Spread out over a year’s time, that’s less than 75 cents a day!

Women and their preborn babies are desperate for our help. But we must connect with them first. Give to HC and be part of our amazing mission to reach abortion-determined women and help rescue their babies from abortion.

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