Have you heard the news? Going forward, Human Coalition (HC) will now be known as Human Coalition.

The name change also reflects a holistic approach to the mission of ending abortion in cities across America by rescuing children and serving families. We’re so excited that Human Coalition is actively at work in cities across America and that our clinics are an integral part of our mission.

Our name change helps to eliminate confusion for our donors, churches and the public by properly conveying what we do. HC needed to expand beyond that which it was originally designed. 

As you can imagine, the logistics behind an organizational rebranding are daunting. But if you’ve been with us since our humble beginnings, you probably understand why a name change was necessary.

Where We’ve Been

Six years ago, three of us left our for-profit careers to commit ourselves to Human Coalition. Our mission was to help save babies from abortion using the Internet. So in a small, three-room office we began building a team of digital marketing specialists, and we set to work using advanced technology to connect with women searching for abortion-related information online.

Although we experienced modest success in our early days of operation, we quickly realized that in order to be more effective, we had to reach beyond the Internet and also use offline means to not only help rescue children, but serve families facing crisis pregnancies.

As a result, we grew our marketing team to include data analysts and social engineers in order to employ metric-driven strategies for ending abortion in specific locations across the country.

We were now reaching more abortion-determined women than before, so we developed an in-house contact center. Women facing unplanned pregnancies could now call and speak one on one with a trained agent, who then encouraged them to visit a participating life-affirming pregnancy center in their area.

While maintaining strong relationships with nearly 30 life-affirming pregnancy centers in various markets across the country, we also took on ownership of five clinics in three of what we’ve found to be the most abortion-riddled cities in America. By running the day-to-day operations of these clinics, we’re now able to provide a broad spectrum of care, including preventative, urgent, and continuing services for women and their families, helping them endure through the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy and experience the beauty of choosing LIFE.

Finally, in an effort to better serve women and their families even after the crisis of their pregnancy has passed, we’ve partnered with local churches that serve as long-term compassionate communities that are ready and capable of rallying around our clients.

As a result of this expansion and growth, only 20 percent of what we currently do to help rescue babies from abortion is done online. Thus, we’ve concluded that a new name is needed to better reflect the size and scope of what we do to serve abortion-determined women and men, and their families. 

Why Human Coalition?

We really needed to expand beyond what HC was originally designed to do. And the name “Human Coalition” accurately reflects who we are, what we believe, and what we do. It also helps eliminate confusion for our donors, local churches, and the public by properly conveying those three elements.

We exist to rescue children, serve families, and end abortion in America because every human life—born and preborn—is a unique and precious work of divine art.

At our core we believe:

  • Every human being is uniquely made in the image of God.
  • Abortion destroys the physical life of innocent preborn children and devastates the emotional, physical, and spiritual lives of mothers, fathers, and families.
  • Abortion is a gross violation of God’s intended design for His image bearers, and it is, therefore, morally wrong.

With the new name—Human Coalition—we are taking our efforts to end abortion to a new level. We’re ensuring that women and families facing crisis pregnancies receive compassionate and long-term tangible help that will make choosing life a feasible, even favorable, decision.

As we march forward under our new name, we invite you to join us in this renewed mission. With your support, and through our holistic strategy to end abortion, we can restore a culture of life neighborhood by neighborhood, and city by city until abortion in America becomes unthinkable and unavailable.

Our name is different, but our mission is the same: rescuing innocent preborn children from abortion, and serving women and families.

Thank you for standing by us during this transition and for embracing our vision to end abortion in America. Everything we’ve done and continue to do is made possible by your generous giving.

We are grateful for your support!

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