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In 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion on demand legal in all fifty states, science was lagging behind what pro-life individuals already knew to be true: life begins at conception and should be protected at all stages.

Since that infamous ruling, science has made great strides to validate our position. In 2016, the scientific evidence for life seems hardly in dispute…except for those who are ideologically blinded by the pro-abortion agenda.

So what is this evidence?

  • A child in the womb has individual and unique Chromosomes. At the moment of conception, the zygote—the fertilized ovum—retains full personhood and does so throughout the gestation period: forty-six chromosomes, a carrier of similar DNA to his or her parents, and the same genetic makeup inside the womb that he or she will have outside the womb. (Keith L. Moore and T.V.N. Persaud, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 7th ed., Philadelphia: Saunders, 2003, pp. 2,16) In other words, who you are today is no different than who you were at the moment of conception. A few things have changed – your size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency (think of the acronym SLED to help you remember these differentiations), but other than those non-essentials, you are the same person today as you were then.
  • Seven Characteristics of Life: Also from the moment of conception, pre-born babies possess the seven characteristics that define life: responsiveness to the environment, growth and change, the ability to reproduce, a regulated metabolism and oxygen flow, maintaining homeostasis (the ability to regulate internal bodily functions in response to external changes), composed of cells, and the capacity to pass traits onto offspring—in this case, human offspring. But the pre-born baby also has one additional characteristic, which may not be strictly scientific but is true nonetheless: he or she is a bearer of God’s image—a human being created with intrinsic value. This truth was the inspiration for our organization’s new brand name: “Human Coalition.” Unlike any other aspect of God’s creation, we were created in his image or Imago Dei.

You may have once heard the commonly cited quote: If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why then is a single living cell in the womb of a pregnant woman not considered life?

According to the father of modern genetics, it undoubtedly is! He writes, “After fertilization has taken place, a new human being has come into being. It is no longer a matter of taste or opinion . . . it is plain experimental evidence.” (C. F., PhD. (n.d.). When Does Life Begin? Retrieved from

And of the Department of Genetics at Mayo Clinic said, “By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”

Dr. Lejeune and an increasing growing number of modern day scientists agree that the science is clear: human babies are conceived in the wombs of human mothers, and those pre-born human beings are alive at the moment of conception.

At Human Coalition, we are grateful that science increasingly reinforces the fact that life begins at conception, and that abortion supporters can no longer push deceptive talking points like “the fetus is just a clump of cells” with any credibility.

To further advance the scientific point of proof as part of our mission, we are raising funds toward purchasing 4D ultrasound machines that can be placed in all five of our women’s care clinics. Statistics show that women who receive an ultrasound are significantly more likely to choose life. Imagine how we could increase that statistic if our clinics provided a high-resolution 4D ultrasound for each abortion-determined woman.

Your financial and prayerful support allows Human Coalition to leverage science to help make abortion unthinkable and unavailable by providing the data science, high tech marketing, and advanced ultrasound machines to rescue babies in the womb.

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