Human Coalition’s home office is located in the North Texas area. Our team is deeply saddened and grieved by the shootings in Dallas last night, which, as of this morning, resulted in the deaths of five police officers (4 Dallas PD officers and a DART officer), and at least another nine people wounded (most of whom were also police officers). The shootings occurred during an anti-police brutality rally. The families, friends, and communities of those wounded or killed are in our fervent prayers.

The Human Coalition staff has a time of prayer every Friday morning, and today we were discussing how “normal” these shootings have become. I remember the Columbine massacre in 1999 very well, as it was the first time I became aware of a mass shooting in America. I remember how the entire country mourned, experiencing shock and bewilderment by the callous killing of 13 high school students and teachers.

We now live in a media-saturated age, and worldwide information is available to us in mere seconds, making us aware of these acts of violence in real time. We can therefore become desensitized to violence. Columbine shocked us to our core. Dallas should as well — as should every violent act that’s carried out. We must not allow ourselves to become numb to them.

Sometimes pro-life people are accused of “caring only about the baby.” However, this is simply untrue. Although there is no doubt that pro-life people are focused on rescuing babies from death, being pro-life means we are deeply concerned about the care and protection of all human beings, born and not yet born. Every human being is made in the image of God, and thus every human being has priceless value and unlimited potential. Those police officers killed in Dallas last night were beautiful works of divine art.

I’m sure the news stories and discussions about the Dallas shootings will soon turn to politics and policy. However, five people lost their lives, and numerous others are hurting. Five more souls lost to violence were doing their jobs to protect the rest of us. They should be mourned, honored, and remembered.

While we work diligently to rescue children and families from abortion, the pro-life community is committed to praying for all victims of violence and their families, and providing support wherever we can — here in Dallas and in other cities across the country.