Human Coalition is pleased to announce that Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta is now a member of the Human Coalition family of women’s care clinics. This new effort will allow Human Coalition to answer God’s call to serve Atlanta in innovative and unprecedented ways. As a part of Human Coalition, this women’s care clinic will be equipped to rescue more children and families from abortion than ever before.

As one of the most abortion-dense cities in the nation, downtown Atlanta’s need for a pregnancy resource center spoke to the hearts of generous pro-life advocates a few years back. In 2007, Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta opened its doors two blocks away from a busy Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Tom Mason, who has served as chairman of the board of directors for the Atlanta facility since its inception, shared that the location of the center “is literally at the epicenter of the abortion industry for the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.”

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, described the transition of the center to becoming a division of Human Coalition as being a steadfast pledge, on behalf of both organizations, to the children and families of Atlanta. “Human Coalition,” Fisher said, “is committed to rescuing children from abortion, while providing top- quality care for women and families— something Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta has a long history of providing.”

Throughout 2015 and 2016, God orchestrated a powerful series of relationships and events that brought together Human Coalition and Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta for a period of discernment and prayer about the possibility of rescuing more children and families from abortion, through a transition that would make the facility a part of the Human Coalition family. Ultimately, Mr. Mason shared that it was “the unanimous conviction of the board and executive director that this transition would take our mission to a whole new level.” Mr. Mason also shared that the mission of the pregnancy center has always been to serve as “a voice for life and for the gospel” in Atlanta.

Matthew Ro, lead pastor of the Journey Church of Atlanta, notes that the protection of human life is paramount in answering the gospel message. Pastor Ro called the transition a game-changer for the city, saying: “I am excited about the platform and potential that Human Coalition and local churches in Atlanta have, as we champion the right to life—which I believe is the most fundamental of all human rights.”

Rev. Dean Nelson, Human Coalition’s National Director of Church Outreach, has witnessed the hand of God at work in the city of Atlanta, as the community has united in support of the lifesaving efforts stemming from this transition. “I am excited to see so many community leaders welcoming Human Coalition to Atlanta. This is an answer to prayer. Pastors, doctors, social workers and community activists have all praised Human Coalition’s work rescuing children and serving families. I lived in the Atlanta area. It has become a major abortion market. I am convinced Human Coalition’s approach will help turn the tide of abortion in this city.”

Dr. Alveda King, prominent pro-life leader and a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, praised the initiative for its ability to reach urban communities in need of compassionate alternatives to abortion. “Human Coalition has a plan to make abortion unthinkable in Atlanta,” said Dr. King. “The abortion industry targets black and minority communities in Atlanta, and Human Coalition has come to stand in the gap and empower every pregnant woman in crisis with the support and resources she needs to choose life. Human Coalition will help transform Atlanta into a city that speaks LIFE into the culture of death.”

Human Coalition is committed to making abortion unthinkable and unavailable in Atlanta. By welcoming a local pregnancy center into our family of Human Coalition women’s care clinics, we bring the city—and our nation—one step closer to ending abortion and honoring the dignity of all humans as image bearers of God.

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