On January 15, Jessica, the boys, and I were sitting in our family room watching a playoff football game, when a tornado hit our house. The walls buckled, the windows bowed, and the fire in our fireplace burst into the room. The tornado ripped off our chimney, threw it to the other side of our house, and eventually tossed it into the backyard. It was quite a way to start the new year.

Our local firefighters were fantastic. They fastened a tarp over the hole where the chimney had been, covered other holes in the roof, and then checked our house for potential electrical issues and fire damage. When the emergency was over, the firefighters left. From there, the insurance company and contractors picked up our case, working to restore our home to its previous condition. The firefighters played their role, as did the insurance company and contractors.

If you’ve been a part of the pro-life movement for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the false accusation that those of us on the front lines in the fight against abortion care only about the lives of the preborn. In other words, once the crisis has passed and the mother has chosen life, we leave both her and the baby to fend for themselves. We essentially play the part of the firefighters.

Quickly scroll through our Facebook News Feed – which, by the way, is over 1.2 million followers strong and worth checking out – and you’ll see plenty of comments posted by dissenters accusing Human Coalition of caring only about preborn children. Here are just a few examples from the past several days:

Would be nice if they’d help her raise the children. Not just pro-birth but pro-life!

I’m staunchly pro-life, but who is going to help her if her boyfriend bails? Should we help the babies we save after they are born? Can we help mothers not get pregnant again when they cannot support more children?

Great, so she chose life. Now who’s going to help her raise that baby?

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment on our Facebook posts – even if I disagree with them. Usually, these comments provide our fantastic social media team with the opportunity to educate our Facebook followers on what Human Coalition does. Yes, we rescue babies from the womb – that is our first and foremost priority. We make no apology for being “firefighters” – preborn babies need to be rescued from death. There are, after all, children being slaughtered by the thousands every day in America.

But a high proportion of our resources – including money, staff, and time – goes toward serving and empowering women and their families, so they can be great parents and end the tragic cycle of abortion. Human Coalition plays the role of both emergency rescuer and the coordinator of ongoing care.

You see, for most women the greatest obstacle to choosing life is fear, and it can come in many forms. It could be a fear of limited finances or a lack of housing. It could be a fear of rejection from one’s partner or family, or a fear of embarrassment. Our trained caregivers provide one-on-one counseling with each woman, helping her develop a plan that will dismantle the many obstacles to choosing life for her child. And then we continue to journey alongside these moms throughout parenthood, connecting them with a local church and the necessary social services to receive long-term care.

You see, for most women the greatest obstacle to choosing life is fear, and it can come in many forms. Click To Tweet

This entire process makes up what we call the Human Coalition Wheel.

Working in key abortion-dense cities, Human Coalition operates six lab-driven divisions, the practices of which we continually test and optimize to help us serve the abortion- determined community with greater effectiveness.

Each “lab” focuses on one part of the client cycle, from our first “touch” with an abortion-determined woman (Marketing Outreach) all the way to connecting her with a local church where she can receive long-term spiritual and emotional support (Church Outreach).

Within our six divisions, we have a dedicated team who is constantly innovating and improving the methods we use to best minister to abortion-determined women and men.

For example, our Contact Center is staffed with paid, trained call agents and managed by a director with years of experience in the for-profit business world. We’ve taken some of the best practices used by commercial call centers from around the country, and we’ve implemented them to help convert calls from abortion-determined women and men into appointments at one of our life-affirming pregnancy centers – including the seven women’s care clinics owned and operated by Human Coalition.

If we learn, through long-term data collection, that our Contact Center is ineffective or has fissures of weakness, we test a different script or insert a new question. In other words, we aren’t hesitant to analyze our methods and improve how we help women and men in need.

Recently, our team learned that abortion-determined women are much more likely to choose life if we can provide them with an individualized care plan to help dismantle the obstacles preventing them from choosing life. So Human Coalition hired several Care Coordinators to assist clients in procuring housing, insurance, employment – whatever they may need to make choosing life the most beneficial decision. This Continuum of Care, which is made up of four phases – Hope, Guide, Sustain, and Connect – is one of the unique aspects of Human Coalition that sets us apart in the pro-life movement.

abortion-determined women are much more likely to choose life if we can provide them with an individualized care plan Click To Tweet

Terry Dodds, Clinic Director of our pro-life women’s care clinic in Pittsburgh, puts it this way: “We know she doesn’t have a house or she doesn’t have a job – those are obstacles to choosing life for her baby. Our job is to remove those obstacles…. That’s where the Continuum of Care comes in.”

Other aspects of the Human Coalition Wheel include Marketing Outreach, Church Outreach, and Incubation Services which all work in tandem with our Contact Center, Continuum of Care, and Women’s Care Clinics to effectively execute our mission of serving the abortion-determined community with the intent of rescuing at-risk children from abortion.

Through our staff of 111 employees, we shoulder the work of constantly innovating and testing to optimize each division. However, our family of donors and volunteers is the linchpin to the Human Coalition Wheel.

Whether it’s volunteering inside the walls of one of our women’s care clinics, serving as a Church Outreach liaison at a local church, or signing up as a Rescue Partner through monthly contributions, none of our work would be possible without you.

As Human Coalition continues to grow and expand into abortion-dense cities (we recently opened a women’s care clinic in Atlanta), the need for financial and prayerful support has never been greater.