In the ups and downs of trying to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime, it’s always encouraging to pause and think about how God is using Human Coalition to serve families and rescue babies from abortion.

Because our team at Human Coalition is tenacious about keeping careful records – just like a for-profit business does – we have the ability to analyze our collected data and measure with absolute certainty the impact we’re making.

2017 is proving to be the most exciting and effective year on record for our organization Click To Tweet

The evidence is clear: 2017 is proving to be the most exciting and effective year on record for our organization. Since January 1, we’ve rescued 860 babies from abortion.

It’s important to remember that the women we reach and minister to are leaning heavily toward getting an abortion. That means the 860 children we’ve rescued this year would most likely have been killed at the hands of an abortionist had Human Coalition not intervened.

As you may know, Human Coalition owns and operates seven women’s care clinics and mobile units in four cities nationwide. And each one – Dallas/Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, and Atlanta – has rescued more children so far this year than in years past.

Here are a few highlights from the first four months of this year that I hope will give you a glimpse into how Human Coalition is upending the culture of death in some of our nation’s most abortion-plagued cities.

Human Coalition – Atlanta

This women’s care clinic joined us late last year and started 2017 with awesome lifesaving results, rescuing more than 108 babies so far. We also work with a traditional life-affirming pregnancy center in another part of town. And in a similar fashion, we connect them with abortion-determined women to receive Christ-centered care.

Human Coalition - Atlanta has rescued more than 108 babies so far in 2017 Click To Tweet

Together, these two baby-saving clinics have chipped away at the number of abortions being performed in Atlanta, as they minister to women who otherwise might never have entered a life-affirming pregnancy center. We praise God for blessing us with compassionate team members who are dedicated to ending abortion in Atlanta.

Human Coalition – Raleigh

This life-affirming clinic has experienced a 37% increase in the number of clients they see year over year. What’s amazing is that even with this increase in client volume, Raleigh continues to operate at a high level, having rescued more than 137 babies since January 1.

Human Coalition - Raleigh has rescued more than 137 babies so far in 2017 Click To Tweet

Human Coalition – Dallas/Fort Worth

Our women’s care clinic in Dallas/Fort Worth has experienced a drop in the number of abortion-determined women they reach. We suspect this is due to increased marketing competition from those outside the pro-life movement. (Remember, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are vying for the same clients we are.)

The good news, however, is that despite this decrease, they’ve still rescued 33% more babies this year over the same period last year. In other words, even though abortion providers have upped their marketing in DFW in order to kill more children, our staff continues to break records in the number of lives rescued from abortion!

Human Coalition - DFW has rescued 33% more babies so far in 2017 Click To Tweet

Human Coalition – Pittsburgh

Our Pittsburgh Women’s Care Clinic is experiencing another record-breaking year… having rescued 68% more children this year than at any other time in the clinic’s history.

Human Coalition - Pittsburgh has rescued 68% more babies so far in 2017 Click To Tweet

You’ve Helped Rescue Children!

This is just a snapshot of the impact we’ve made during the first few months of this year. It’s clear that when every employee, volunteer, and donor plays their part in our mission, Human Coalition saves hundreds of lives.

Thank you for standing in the gap for the preborn children whose lives hang in the balance every day. Your support gives Human Coalition the resources to reach moms, minister to them, and equip them to parent effectively.

Every life saved, every mom counseled, every family restored has been made possible because you chose to give.