Ask most people in the know to explain what Human Coalition does, and they will likely tell you we rescue preborn children from abortion. In fact, to date you’ve helped us rescue 6,710 lives. Because we are constantly testing new ways of serving and helping hurting women, more lives are being rescued at an increasingly rapid pace every quarter.

What an impact you are making! But it doesn’t stop there.

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While it’s true that Human Coalition rescues children who are often just weeks – even days – away from being aborted, we are aware that behind every life rescued, there is a mom, a dad, a grandparent, or a sibling whose life was spared a lifetime of guilt that often follows an abortion.

You see, Human Coalition isn’t just about rescuing children; we are also about restoring families. Indeed, for every life rescued, one less family is devastated by the grief of an abortion, and one more branch on that family tree is preserved.

Throughout the month of July, I’ve shared several stories of families whose lives have been touched by Human Coalition. One of these families, the Paganos, picked up and moved 1,200 miles cross-country to make Human Coalition’s mission their life’s work. Another family, a single mom named Melissa, provides for her three children by working as one of Human Coalition’s Contact Center call agents.

And then there’s Maggie and Arthur who first came to a Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic feeling convinced that abortion was their only option. They ended up not only choosing life, but also deepening their commitment to one another. They are now married and happily raising their child in a loving, two-parent home.

If it weren’t for you and your generosity, Human Coalition wouldn’t have been able to impact these families. It’s because you choose to give to our lifesaving mission that these lives – and thousands of others – have been changed.

But your impact doesn’t stop there. For every family who comes through Human Coalition – as a client, donor, or volunteer – more people are inspired by their stories and moved to action by their courage. Truly, some of Human Coalition’s most loyal advocates are those who’ve experienced firsthand our lifesaving ministry.

God has placed on my heart the desire to see Human Coalition thriving in large cities across America, so abortion becomes unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime. We have a dream that stories like the ones I’ve shared above will be multiplied a thousandfold, inspiring more Americans than ever to speak up for the sacredness of Life.

I invite you to be a part of this dream.

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