Human Coalition Launches Three-Year Educational Partnership With Life Training Institute

Human Coalition is pleased to announce the inauguration of a three-year partnership with the Life Training Institute. The goal of the partnership is to provide comprehensive pro-life education both online and in schools to equip thousands of Christians so that they can confidently make the case for LIFE.

“I have long believed Scott Klusendorf and his team are the most professional, articulate pro-life apologists in the country.  Their contributions to the pro-life movement are incalculable,” said Brian Fisher, Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition. “This partnership empowers both Human Coalition and the Life Training Institute to provide best in class pro-life education to our teams and to life-affirming people everywhere.”

Human Coalition will extend and facilitate online and in-person training featuring Life Training Institute speakers for churches and students, and will provide resources and data to assist in training development. Life Training Institute will collaborate with Human Coalition to create educational videos and writings, as well as provide speakers and assist in training staff.

Human Coalition‘s abortion-ending strategy fuses technology, best practices, and tangible help to compassionately serve the unreached abortion-determined women. Our team of diverse professionals tirelessly refines proprietary technologies and holistic approaches to rescue children and serve families in America’s most abortion-dense cities.

CONTACT: Lauren Enriquez  [email protected]  214.295.7301


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