Atlanta is a tough market in which to rescue children from abortion. Fulton County, where our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic serves, reports up to 6,000 abortions every year, making it one of the nation’s most abortion-dense regions.

However, with the commitment of supporters like you and after rescuing thousands of children from abortion in Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh, we were confident that our life-affirming, in-person care could make a real impact in the urban communities of Atlanta. And we weren’t mistaken.

Since joining Human Coalition, our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic has rescued 265 children in the last 10 months – 23 times more than before becoming a part of the Human Coalition family. This impact hasn’t gone unnoticed by radical abortion groups like SisterSong, Netroots Nation, and Reproaction.

Late last summer, they banded together to stage a “fake clinic” protest outside our Atlanta clinic. These protests were the culmination of a week-long effort to smear our women’s care clinic and impede desperate women from receiving care at our clinic – under the disingenuous auspices of “saving” them from Human Coalition’s deceit and shaming.

Just hours after the protest was announced online, two separate parties entered our clinic while loudly protesting and telling the clients in the lobby that Human Coalition was lying to them.

According to the organizers’ website, these protests have “only just begun.” They promise this is the “first action for Human Coalition.” And as a result of these continuing threats, Human Coalition has taken measures to ensure that our staff and clients are safe in Atlanta, as well as our other clinic locations.

Our team in Atlanta remains steadfast and unwavering in their mission to rescue children and serve families. Click To Tweet

Amazingly, in spite of the ongoing barrage of attacks and the drain that the cost of additional security has been on their annual budget, our team in Atlanta remains steadfast and unwavering in their mission to rescue children and serve families.

This staff is made up of exceptional individuals who are wholeheartedly devoted to reaching abortion-determined women. Day after day, thanks to you and your support, they serve with compassion and love, providing long-term care that extends far beyond a woman’s unexpected pregnancy. Despite threats from the outside, our Atlanta staff is determined to deliver life-affirming prenatal care to women who need it most.

Thankfully, in the face of these recent protests, you and our family of supporters have stepped up to pray for our team, send notes of encouragement, and offer financial support to help cover the costs of extra security.

And the results speak for themselves. Our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic continues to reach abortion-determined women and rescue preborn children at an astounding pace!

So while these protests were designed to thwart our mission, they’ve actually evoked a sense of urgency and determination within our clinic. Now more than ever, we remain focused on our mission to rescue children and families from abortion. And regardless of how many enemies may attempt to destroy us, we must hold fast to a hope that perseveres through the trials.

Thank you for standing with us during these challenges.