Judy was first introduced to Human Coalition through her son and daughter-in-law, who volunteered at our women’s care clinic’s Adopt-a-Family Christmas event. Nearing her empty nest years, Judy felt God drawing her heart toward supporting the women who come through our clinic.

“Every year following the [Adopt-a-Family Christmas] event, I would pray for the girls we’d helped. And I was always eager for updates. I knew these moms needed support, and I wanted to help them after their babies were saved.”

Judy and her husband George developed a heart for preborn children long before they were introduced to Human Coalition. “During the ’70s, after Roe v. Wade, I was struggling with miscarriages. I would cry and cry that other women were having abortions when I would’ve given anything for a child.”

Those struggles developed within Judy and George a deep desire to do whatever they could to rescue a child’s life. So they got involved with Human Coalition.

After years of giving and volunteering, Judy felt compelled to take her stewardship to the next level. “I had the time, resources, and desire; so I went to the women’s care clinic to see if there was something more I could do to help.”

Moved by the stories she’d heard about women choosing life, Judy joined our Continuum of Care mentor program early last year. Since then, she’s been walking alongside one of our clients and supporting her through motherhood. “This program has been eye-opening, and it’s rewarding to see a young mom develop into a thriving, independent parent.” Although the mentor program requires a commitment of time and love, Judy wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“We’ve become a part of each other’s lives forever,” Judy says of her sweet friendship with her mentee, Billie.

When asked how she’d encourage others to get involved, Judy says, “Whether it’s giving, volunteering, or mentoring, there’s always a place to serve women in need.”

Judy and George exemplify the sacrificial nature of so many of Human Coalition’s volunteers and donors. It’s through their generosity that we’re rescuing thousands of children a year, while moms and dads receive the support they need to become great parents.