After leading the Human Coalition Marketing Department and then moving over to the National Development Team, Meg McCrory recently accepted the position of Executive Director of Advancement for Human Coalition – Dallas/Fort Worth. This new role allows Meg to continue using her gifts of communication to rally donors, while putting her in closer touch with the women we serve daily.

“Although I spend a lot of my time meeting with donors and sitting at my desk on the phone, I get to see the women who come in and out of our clinic. I see the fear and uncertainty in their eyes, and the time they spend just sitting in their car taking everything in. It keeps me humble and focused on my job to bring others into this mission.”

When asked how having her own child changes the way she views the women Human Coalition reaches, Meg reflects, “Now that I’m a mom, I feel like I can relate to them on an entirely new level. I know they are pregnant for a reason and the life they carry has meaning and purpose. The Lord has a plan and He will use that baby. And it’s our responsibility to give that woman hope.”

Meg and her husband Tommy share openly about their struggles to get pregnant and how that season of infertility fuels their passion to help women embrace motherhood. “Having struggled for a long time with infertility reminds me that to be a mom is a privilege and there are women who would do anything to be a mom. I want women to know that having a child truly is a privilege and not an accident. Women were made to be nurturers and protectors. Now that I’m a mom and experiencing that, I want to help other moms – even those facing scary situations – to discover that joy.”

As she travels throughout North Dallas, building relationships with donors and supporters, Meg is often asked about her own decision to continue working as a new mom. “For my family, there is a deep sense of calling to help end abortion. Having a child takes that calling to a new level. We have a greater appreciation for the mission we get to be a part of. When I have to give my little girl over to someone else’s care, I remind myself that one day I will get to tell her that as a family we got to be a part of ending abortion.” After a pause Meg adds, “Every day I get to help rescue little babies just like mine.”

When asked what she will tell her daughter when she grows up, Meg responds, “I can’t wait to tell her that our family was a part of ending abortion. I want to tell her that we are part of something bigger…. Many of us talk about how when we’re old, our grandkids will come to us and ask why we didn’t do something to stop the killing of our children. I won’t have to make an excuse because I’m in the fight every day.” She adds, “It gives me great comfort knowing our family has been involved in pushing back this darkness.”

As a mom who runs a marathon from the time her feet hit the floor to the second she falls into bed at night, Meg recognizes that motherhood is hard work… especially for the single moms who choose life.

“More than 80% of the women who visit our clinic are single. Many of them live below the poverty line. In the face of so many obstacles, it’s no small thing for them to choose life. To be a mom is hard enough, but to be a mom in those circumstances would be so much harder.”

Meg admits that it’s these difficult circumstances that drive her. “I can understand when women feel overwhelmed and question how they can parent, especially when they’re alone. But this reality emblazes me even more to help them and empower them. It gives me greater compassion as I come alongside those women and help them tap into that nurturing instinct, because it’s a really beautiful thing.”

Meg relies on the prayers of our supporters to strengthen her for the mission of rescuing babies. When asked specifically how we can pray for her, Meg replies, “Please pray for me to have the courage to be different and confront hard truths, while listening to the Lord’s prompting. Ask the Lord to provide protection for my family, and to continue awakening the hearts of His people to the realities of abortion.”

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