Being well-informed is the start of ending abortion in our lifetime, and that’s where The Human Element comes in. A weekly podcast of Human Coalition, The Human Element offers insightful commentary and apologetics to help you communicate a pro-life worldview with your family and community.

This podcast was designed with you in mind. I believe the more we understand about abortion and how it intertwines with so many cultural and social issues, the closer we will get to ending it in our lifetime.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortage of material to cover when it comes to countering the culture of death. Since the launch of The Human Element, we’ve tackled the topics of racism, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, birth control, and many other provocative issues of our day.

To get started, please check out the episode on building a national rescue system for preborn children and their families. More than any other episode, this one will introduce you to Human Coalition’s mission and set the stage for how we’ll tackle the issue of Life in subsequent episodes.

We are grateful to have you along on this exciting journey. Thanks for joining us at The Human Element.