Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting “Samantha” with care and compassion in her time of need

Samantha had no one to talk to and nowhere to go. And there was a child growing inside of her.

Her boyfriend had split as soon as he heard the news. Samantha knew she wouldn’t see him again.

Everything had been such a blur since she found out she was pregnant. Samantha didn’t know what options she had. Really, she didn’t think there was any hope in carrying her child to term. Her life was already hard . . . unemployed, sleeping on a friend’s couch, alienated from her family.

Samantha believed having her child would make the bad situation she was already facing even worse.

Your support provides a way . . . for LIFE

Samantha was planning to abort her child when she contacted Human Coalition. But she agreed to meet with a social worker to discuss her options.

As Samantha shared her fears and worries, her social worker provided a personalized plan that addressed all of Samantha’s concerns. Because of supporters like you, Samantha got access to affordable housing, financial assistance, and medical benefits. Suddenly, with her overwhelming burdens lifted — Samantha could think clearly about the child growing inside her.

Samantha was still scared. But after being connected with a local church whose members were committed to blessing her through their support and mentorship, Samantha came to believe that life was the only option for her child.

Today, Samantha is the mom of a beautiful baby girl. She is holding down a good job and has a safe place to live where she can raise her daughter. And because of you, Samantha knows she has a support system behind her.

Thank you for providing continuum of care for a mom in desperate need of help and hope.

Please know that Samantha’s story is not unique.

All of Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinics have instituted a Continuum of Care program to assist moms in the midst of their challenges.

Whether it’s procuring affordable medical care or financial assistance to help pay this month’s rent, Continuum of Care coordinators work alongside local social services and churches to provide for a mom’s immediate and long-term needs.

Thank you for rescuing more moms and children

“I don’t know where I’d be without you!” —Samantha

The Continuum of Care program requires a great deal of support from local churches, volunteers, and financial donors. But the results speak for themselves . . . when moms facing unexpected pregnancies experience both immediate and long-term help and hope, they are more likely to choose LIFE.

This is the lifesaving, and life-changing impact you empower through your prayers and donations. Thank you for your incredible support!

Your Lifesaving Mother’s Day Impact

Your response this Mother’s Day to prepare the National Rescue System for a post-Roe America was inspiring.

Because of you, more than $109,821 was donated to provide care, compassion, and lifesaving support to moms and families in anticipation of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

And even more amazing, when combined with the $175,000 Mother’s Day Challenge Grant a combined total of $284,821 was raised to reach more moms, rescue more children, and restore more families!

Thank you for protecting innocent life and restoring families through your prayers and financial support this Spring.

Please Join Us in Prayer!

Here are some specific prayer points I’d like to invite you to pray for in the weeks ahead:

  • Pray for the moms and families who are mourning as they’re reminded that they chose abortion instead of life, with the beginning of the back-to-school season. (Romans 12:15)

  • Pray for moms considering abortion right now to be empowered to choose life, so they can experience a first day of school as well as the joy of many more milestones with their child. (Psalm 127:3)

  • Pray for God to raise up churches to increasingly provide for the needs of moms considering abortions in their local communities. (Matthew 25:34–40; Amos 5:24)

  • Pray that abortion will become unthinkable and unnecessary because all moms are equipped with the truth, hope, and help they need to choose life. (Proverbs 24:11)

Here’s the Lifesaving Difference Your Support is Making!

  • 2,759 innocent children saved from abortion as of June in fiscal year 2022
  • 33,971 clients who’ve received life-affirming resources and compassion this fiscal year

Thank you for your prayers and generous support! Without you, this lifesaving ministry to moms and families is not possible.

From the moment I chose my baby, the blessings just started coming. . . . I got a job, a place to stay, and I am better off than I was before.—“Tiana”

Back to School: A Sign of Life

Rowdy buses. Loud cafeterias. Sweaty faces after recess. They’re all signs of the season that is happening right now…

I’m obviously talking about sending girls and boys back to school over the next few weeks. But more than just changing rhythms and routines for the upcoming school year — this is a season when the signs of life are more evident.

Think about that for a moment . . .

Many of the thousands of children that you played a role in rescuing are gearing up for a new school year. These children are living, learning, and thriving, and they have the chance to fully realize God’s amazing purpose and destiny for their lives.

The truth is . . . life is an absolute miracle. It’s a gift from God!

And that’s why we work so hard to reach at-risk moms that are seeking an abortion.

I believe every child should have the chance to:

  • Take back-to-school photos, grinning ear to ear
  • Experience the innocence and wonder of being a kid
  • Dream big dreams that are theirs alone to experience
  • Learn, connect, and prepare for the calling God has for their lives

And I know you feel the same too. So, in the next few weeks, when you find yourself waiting behind a school bus or see children walking with backpacks on, I pray you’ll be reminded of all the children you’ve rescued. That you’ll remember the mothers and families you’ve reached with help and hope.

Please pray for these children and their families that they will continue to thrive. And please also pray for the ones whose lives are still in danger as their moms consider abortion. Together, we will make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary!

God Bless,


Thank you for reading the Summer 2022 edition of Your Human Connection. As you can see, you are truly making a lifesaving difference to rescue children and families from abortion! Together, let’s continue to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. God bless you! 

P.S. — If you’d like to give and rescue even more children and families, please consider becoming a Rescue Partner today. 

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