Brian Fisher

President, Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action

Business leader, author, and speaker Brian Fisher co-founded Human Coalition in 2009 after years serving in executive management in the for-profit and nonprofit arenas.

He started his career in Christian talk radio in the mid 1990s and then served as executive vice president and partner of a startup financial firm. That firm grew to over $1.1B in assets and was sold to an international banking organization.

Brian then served as president of a $38M dollar Christian media nonprofit before moving to Texas to become the COO of a large marketing agency. He moved back into the nonprofit world to run Human Coalition as his full-time vocation in early 2012.

Human Coalition is a vertically integrated, centralized national rescue system for preborn children and their families. Human Coalition owns and operates women’s care clinics across the country; and it uses innovative marketing, data analytics, holistic compassionate care, and social services to rescue children from abortion while providing transformative support for women.

Brian is a Certified Financial Planner® and the author of four books and numerous articles. His columns have appeared in publications such as FoxNews.com, The Washington Post, Independent Journal Review, and CBN.com. He is also host of The Human Element Show, a weekly pro-life worldview podcast and radio show. Brian and his wife, Jessica, have two sons.

Recent Articles & Engagements

Published Books

  • Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women


    Behind the calls for women’s right to choose, gender equality, and female empowerment lies the ugly truth that men have used abortion to subjugate and exploit women for decades…

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  • Deliver Us From Abortion


    Consider that for the past 40 years, a staggering 56 million Americans have been killed by abortion. It claims the lives of over 1.2 million children every year, or roughly one child every 25 seconds. So why isn’t the American church doing more to stop this atrocity, which is the greatest holocaust in American history?

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