Mona Wilson

Mona Wilson serves as a board member for Human Coalition, and has been a friend and fan of the organization since 2011. She currently leads the nominating committee for the board, expanding board expertise to match the growth of the organization. 

Mona was first introduced to Human Coalition while serving as President of the Council for Life (CFL), a pro-life organization in Dallas that seeks to educate the community about abortion through personal testimonies in non-judgmental, non-political forums. CFL also fundraises for pro-life ministries in the metroplex, and has partnered with Human Coalition to support several of their projects. 

Her first step into the pro-life movement was in 2000, which she served as a counselor in a pregnancy resource center. During her time, Mona had the privilege of seeing many women choose life when real and lasting change was applied to their difficult circumstances through mentoring, access to resources, and most importantly, the transformation of their hearts from the Gospel of the Good News. 

Today, Mona continues to serve in the pro-life movement at Young Lives, a ministry of Young Life that walks with pregnant and parenting teens. She is also delighted to be back in the counseling room at a local pregnancy resource center. 

Mona graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and runs an interior design business, doing both commercial and residential work. She has been married to her husband, Tim, for 33 years. They have three children, a daughter-in-law, and one grandson.