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Vice President of Client Services (Plano, TX)

Location: Plano, TX

Type: Full Time

Human Coalition is thrilled to be expanding, adding a vital member to our top-level Executive Team with the Vice President of Client Services.

This role will be responsible for the entirety of this growing rescue care system.  Evaluating and implementing additional medical and social services, ensuring quality assurance across the network, overseeing and advising on technology integrations, installing and growing a medical billing operation, and ensuring Human Coalition clients receive the highest level of care and support are essential aspects of this pivotal role.

The Vice President of Client Services is ultimately responsible for driving the effort to make abortion unthinkable by effectively serving tens of thousands of women with top-quality, innovative, efficient, compassionate care.

Key Capabilities and Experience

  • Possess substantial experience as an executive leader/manager in the medical field
  • Advanced degree in health care management
  • Possess substantial experience with comprehensive medical bill operations, including the installation of relevant systems, effective billing practices, and program evaluation
  • Capacity to synthesize data and other inputs to assure peak program performance
  • Crucial ability to assess data/inputs to communicate direction and conclusions clearly to staff and executive team members
  • Ability to turn vision into a rock-solid playbook for compassionately serving clients

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

Key Characteristics

  • Passionately motivated by and are deeply committed to the mission, vision, values, objectives, and goals of Human Coalition
  • Possess a strong need to accomplish the mission as a valued team member and collaborate energetically with executive team leaders, including the President
  • Think and behave as a confident and innovative entrepreneur, displaying the ability to make adjustments quickly to meet the needs of clients and CS staff
  • Talent to communicate, motivate, inspire, teach, and train staff within the department
  • Deep commitment to compliance and the current regulatory environment
  • Disciplined, hard worker with calm demeanor and affable sense of humor

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