How to Talk About Abortion

  1. Always lead with grace (Romans 5:20)
    • People will be on edge if they know this topic is coming, especially if they’ve experienced an abortion in any way. They may have had an abortion, helped someone get an abortion, funded an abortion, stayed silent when they knew someone was going to get an abortion, or pressured someone to get an abortion. They may feel incredible guilt and shame. They need to know that God’s grace is much bigger than their sin, even the sin of abortion.
  1. Always close with grace (Romans 5:20)
    • Remind everyone that the grace of God is more powerful than their sin. Invite them to confess and find healing and hope in Christ.
  1. Ground everything in the Word of God
    • There are a lot of opinions surrounding abortion. Do not share yours. Share what God has said and stick closely to His Word.
  1. Equip the saints (Ephesians 4:11-13; 1 Peter 3:15)
    • Our job as pastors is to equip the saints. They should leave feeling more prepared to defend and protect life—theologically and/or practically.
  1. Give practical ways to respond (James 1:22)
    • With such a moving topic, people will be motivated to respond. Suggest practical next steps they can take to put their faith into action. This could be joining a local pro-life group, volunteering at a local life-affirming pregnancy clinic, learning more through a training session that is already planned, or giving to a local or national pro-life organization.