Your Support Will Help Us Press On!

This Saturday, Netroots and their sponsors will protest outside our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic. They are calling out Human Coalition for “intentionally misleading or outright lying to women about the services they offer.”

In reality, these protestors are so driven by a radical abortion agenda, they don’t want women to receive compassionate and loving care that might empower them to choose life.

This protest is being advertised all over social media. It has already caused disruptions in our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, with promises to disrupt Human Coalition clinics in other cities.

We need you to lend your financial and prayerful support to our team, as they continue to perform their God-given pro-life mission under volatile conditions.

Human Coalition – Atlanta is one of our busiest and most effective women’s care clinics, having rescued more than 180 at-risk children so far this year. With your support, we can keep the momentum going, despite any threats from the outside.

Your gift and your commitment to pray will go far in helping us protect our staff, our clients, and the preborn children who need us.

Time is of the essence. Please donate now.