400% Increase In Babies Saved!

Late last year, our clinic became a part of Human Coalition, a pro-life organization based in Dallas, Texas. Human Coalition specializes in marketing to the abortion-determined woman.

Who is the abortion-determined woman? She is the client who has already contacted an abortion clinic or is just days away from getting an abortion procedure. To put it bluntly, she has decided abortion is in her best interest.

These women are some of the most challenging cases we see. And because of our new status as a part of Human Coalition, we are seeing more abortion-determined women than ever – almost 100 in the past 2 months.

Although our work is difficult and emotionally taxing at times, we don’t shrink back in fear. On the contrary, we rely on the Holy Spirit to help us run boldly into these difficult situations to deliver a message of hope.

Abortion-determined women are typically frightened and confused. They are often without a support group to guide them or provide for their needs. But when they walk through the doors of our clinic, they are shown love and compassion without judgment. While we provide medical care like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and prenatal counseling, we also offer emotional and spiritual care, loving our clients and praying with them.

Since becoming a part of Human Coalition on December 1, we have rescued over 50 babies from abortion… that’s 4 times as many babies as we rescued during the same time period last year!

And for every child rescued, there is a mom who has access to our long-term care. We assist her with food and housing, education and job attainment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and parenting classes; when needed. Our staff is committed to linking arms with every woman who chooses life and then walking alongside her throughout the pregnancy so she can be a great parent.

That’s the Human Coalition difference – arranging for long-term care for both mother and child.

Please join me in praying for our team as we adjust to the growth and expansion of our clinic. Pray that God gives us the words to speak as we meet with women facing many difficult and even heartbreaking situations. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover our clinic with His grace so we may be a beacon of light, shining His love and truth into the darkest places of our city.