Please Join Us for the 4000 Steps Experience!

There are just days left until our 4000 Steps Experience! We are very excited for this year’s event, as we’ve added a couple options for participants to choose from during the event. Those attending will be able to take part in our traditional learning stations, a guided prayer course, or a session in the worship center – which will equip them to have deeper discussions on the issue of abortion. Participants should have enough time to engage in two of the three activities.

Option One: Learning Stations Walking Course

This course will take you on a tour of our new mobile clinic and through four stations that will help you gain a greater understanding of the many obstacles our clients must overcome to choose life. It will also help you discover practical ways to minister to the women and families in your community who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. This option is best for first-time 4000 Steps participants.

Option Two: Guided Prayer Tour Stations

This option walks groups of participants through a tour of rooms in the church, which are set apart to pray for specific areas of the abortion issue and the challenges families face each day.

Option Three: “Dispelling the Myths of Pro-Abortion Arguments”

“If Roe v. Wade is overturned, thousands of women will die in back-alley abortions!”

“What about when a woman is raped? She shouldn’t have to have that baby… that would be torture!”

“If an unwanted child is born into poverty, they will be abused and neglected. Abortion solves societal issues of unwanted kids.”

… And more!

Join us in the worship center at 9 a.m., as Seth Brown, Content Editor of the Biblical Recorder, hosts a panel Q&A time with Daniel Darling, vice president for communications at The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; and Jay Watts, founder and president of Merely Human Ministries.

With tensions rising over abortion laws, defunding Planned Parenthood, and the divide over abortion becoming more distinct across our nation, we want to provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your pro-life discussions with friends and family.

Sign Up or Sponsor a Registered Walker

It’s not too late to register for this event or financially sponsor someone who is already registered! Take action and help raise $250,000 to support our efforts to REACH women in crisis, RESCUE their preborn children, and RESTORE their lives to stability.

Please join us!

Sign up to participate or make a donation at, and then join us NEXT Saturday morning, April 27, at Imago Dei Church. Check-in is from 8-9 a.m. The event activities will begin at 9 a.m. in the worship center.

Let’s celebrate the funds raised that will help rescue children and serve families in our community!