Clinic Update

Charitable Justice

Over and over again, women and men who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy reach out to us from the darkest depths of their anxiety. Through your support, we not only help these moms and dads see past the sinking sensation of their fears, but also throw them a lifeline to pull them out of the water.  We call this lifesaving support “charitable justice.”

On more than one occasion, Scripture exhorts us to do justice for the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. When it comes to pro-life ministry, this includes the child, the mother, and the father.

When actively lived, charitable justice ensures we meet the needs of the mom – coming alongside her and remaining a friend for as long as she desires the relationship. We equip her with tools to help her be a great parent; we provide for her emotional and spiritual needs; and we connect her with a local church family so she may be mentored and supported by a godly woman.

This beautiful picture of charitable justice requires us to step out in faith and give of our time, talents, and resources. Thank you for making charitable justice a reality for so many women who feel forgotten and overlooked. Your support ensures they are shown compassion and love in the midst of their darkest hour. Because of your selfless giving, children are rescued, women are cared for, and charitable justice is delivered in the name of Jesus.