Clinic Update

The Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic in Tucker is officially up and running, and we’re so excited to give you an update on the progress we’ve made. 

We’ve professionally decorated the office to create a warm and inviting environment. As a result of atmospheric testing performed by our team of data analysts, we painted the walls a soft blue to evoke a sense of calm. The pictures and prints hanging on the walls offer messages of faith and healing. When women and men walk through our doors, we want them to immediately feel that this is a safe place where they can be open and vulnerable. 

We are building our staff to meet the increasing number of clients visiting our women’s care clinic. In addition to hiring a nurse, a medical sonographer, and a receptionist, we are also in the process of bringing on a full-time clinic director to manage our staff and oversee the day-to-day operations. 

As we grow and expand, we welcome you as a fellow laborer in our mission to rescue children from abortion and serve families. Your faithful and financial support allows us to reach at-risk, hurting women and compassionately walk alongside them, so they feel loved and cared for. Thanks to you, more women than ever before will receive life-affirming care, leading to more innocent children being saved from the tragedy of abortion. 

Thank you for praying and giving!