Clinic Update - A Mother’s Day Message

Mother’s Day should be a time of joy and celebration; but for many women, this holiday can dredge up feelings of grief and loss. There are no flowers, no homemade cards, no special gifts. There’s only the painful memory of a child lost forever.

Did you know it’s estimated that one out of every four women has experienced the tragedy of abortion? Even more surprising is the fact that this statistic holds true within American churches.

Many families celebrate Mother’s Day by attending church together. However, in pews all across America – perhaps even sitting in the seat next to you – women are suffering in silence, haunted by the child that should have been but never was.

This Mother’s Day, it’s vital that we remember the post-abortive women in our midst. Many were coerced into ending their child’s life, while others felt they had no other choice. In order to break the walls of silence around them, we must remind these hurting women that they are not alone and there is healing after abortion.

If you or someone you know has experienced the trauma of abortion, I invite you to visit Human Coalition’s This is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion and begin the process of healing from the past.

At Human Coalition, we are on a mission to rescue women from making a tragic mistake they will one day not only regret, but also have to work through their feelings of loss and pain. With your ongoing support, we can reach abortion-determined women – before they enter the doors of an abortion clinic – and infuse their situation with hope. We can speak life-affirming truth into their chaos, and we can make choosing life the most beneficial choice for both mother and child.

With your support, we can ensure that every Mother’s Day is a time of celebration, not loss and pain.