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Meet Morgan Alexander

This month, I’m privileged to introduce Morgan Alexander – one of our newest employees. Morgan has been with Human Coalition since July of 2018, and she serves as the Clinic Director for the Tucker and Downtown Atlanta locations.

Morgan was drawn to the work of Human Coalition because of its Christian values and all it has to offer women, saying,

“I am proud of the work we do at the clinic level. We’re able to meet women where they are and provide services to assist them in their time of crisis. I’ve had many women tell me how much they appreciate [the staff’s] unbiased support. Since the women we see are abortion-determined, many of them are in a place in life where they feel they have no support or outlet. I’m proud that we are able to provide care and counseling for these women, and it shows how grateful they are.”

As a clinic director, Morgan is pulled in many directions.

“The biggest challenge in my position is keeping it all together mentally – there are a bunch of moving parts in this role. I am constantly pulled in many directions; and while I feel as though I thrive in the environment, some days can be tough.

“Those are the days when I encounter women with heartbreaking situations. Many women struggle to find housing or have no income or are in abusive situations. So instilling hope into them is a job in and of itself. We have so many women who share their stories with us, and I always wish I could do more, like taking them out of the unfavorable situations they are in.”

However, even on those most difficult days, Morgan says her favorite part of her job is interacting with women and providing them a safe space to let out their thoughts, feelings, fears, and dreams.

“I enjoy being able to make that connection with the women and share my life experience as well.”

In her free time, Morgan enjoys going to the movies, fellowshipping at church, and treating herself to a mani/pedi.