When a mom visits our women’s care clinic and chooses life for her child, our staff works to provide for her spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. One component of this long-term care is our Mentor Mom program.

Our mentor volunteers work alongside our Continuum of Care Coordinator, Rachel Avila, to ensure every woman and family has a care plan in place and someone to walk alongside them at every step of their journey.

If you have a heart for young moms and want to pour into them the practical and emotional support they need, then you might be a perfect addition to our Mentor Mom program.

Training for new mentors will take place on Tuesday, May 16, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Human Coalition – Dallas/Fort Worth’s Women’s Care Clinic (2401 Ira E. Woods, Suite 300, Grapevine, Texas).

Our Mentor Moms provide the extra emotional and spiritual support that so many of our clients need, connecting them to a local church so they can experience the support of a faith family, and helping end the cycle of abortion that plagues so many families.

Sign up here to become a part of this vital ministry, or for questions, contact us using the form below.

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