Clinic Update

It seems as if Pittsburgh is finally waking up to the first signs of spring after a long, harsh winter. Although I spend most of my time in Dallas, Texas, I still appreciate that invigorating feeling that comes with the awakening of new life following the winter doldrums. After months of endless snow and merciless wind, the songs of birds chirping sound a bit sweeter, and the longer days of sunshine seem to infuse an extra dose of energy.

LIFE is sprouting up all around, reminding us that the cold, dark days of winter have finally given way to springtime.

At our women’s care clinic in Pittsburgh, we serve a community of hurting women who feel as though they are trapped in an endless winter. Their days are long and dark as they grapple with an unexpected pregnancy. Oftentimes they are abandoned and alone, struggling to make it through each day. Our goal is to speak LIFE into their situation and deliver them to a place of hope.

Becky Craig is a key player in this mission. As our Care Coordinator, Becky comes alongside women to help them rebuild their lives. I have seen firsthand the sacrifices Becky makes in helping women and families get back on their feet. From sitting with a client for hours at the employment office, to spending hours on the phone helping procure healthcare benefits for an expectant mom, there’s nothing Becky won’t do to extend care and mercy to our clients. She truly goes above and beyond the call of service.

Becky has provided hope, stability, and transformation for hurting women when they never would have experienced it otherwise. She ensures these women know that they won’t walk through this pregnancy alone. And she does it with grace, confidence, and a heart bent toward serving God.

We are all grateful for Becky’s gentle spirit and how she fights for each mother, child, and family.