Pray with Us

Did you know that Human Coalition – Atlanta serves abortion-determined men as well as women?

We see them every day in our clinic. Their eyes tell the story. They’re facing thoughts like What’s next? and How will my life change if she is pregnant? They appear anxious, desperate, even a bit embarrassed as they sit beside their partners, sometimes wringing their hands, struggling to remain strong, hoping to get through this without too many scars and with limited collateral damage.

When we say, “Good morning,” they shrink back with a murmured, “Hello.” They avert their eyes, but we can still see the fear mixed with a glimmer of hope. Hope that this is the place where their helplessness will be turned into action, their chaos into peace, and their confusion into a plan.

Could it also be the place where they’ll learn for the first time what a Christ-centered family can look like?

Time and again our staff witnesses the destructive consequences of broken homes, fatherless families, and single parenthood. It’s a cycle that plays out in the lives of the women and men who visit our clinic. Through our holistic, compassion-based care, we strive to stop this damaging cycle and redeem the family unit where parenthood is celebrated.

Our prayer, as we gaze into the eyes of each couple who visits our clinic, is “Lord, help them embrace the new life Christ gives. May they experience a biblical marriage and grow to become a strong family unit.”

Will you join with us in praying that prayer?

The Bible tells us “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b). This month, and throughout 2017, we are relying on your prayers and support to help us rescue preborn children while we introduce their parents to Christ and His restorative power for their families.

Through your continued prayerful support, lives will be saved and futures will be redeemed.