Clinic Update

One of the things I love most about Human Coalition is that we always seek to use the latest technology to rescue more children from abortion and serve more families. As of June 1, the home office in Plano, Texas, opened a Virtual Women’s Care Clinic designed to reach underserved women who have transportation challenges and those living in remote regions across the state. 

The Virtual Women’s Care Clinic will reach at-risk women using online and offline marketing techniques that are similar to the ones our Raleigh clinic uses. However, instead of one-on-one client interfacing, the Virtual Women’s Care Clinic will use video and teleconferencing to provide the high standard of pregnancy-related care that Human Coalition is known for.  

Staffed with a clinic director, 5 nurses, 2 Continuum of Care Coordinators, and an administrator to provide counseling, the Virtual Women’s Care Clinic will provide medical information, referrals, mentoring, classes, and case management services to clients across Texas.  

Now, abortion-determined women who live in remote areas of Texas and those who have transportation challenges can still receive life-affirming care. 

Since launching the Virtual Women’s Care Clinic, well over 1,000 at-risk women have been reached. Moreover, this type of remote care provides immediate support to women who are at risk to abort. 

Please pray that the Lord will bless this exciting initiative and all those involved. Also, please be in prayer for how we might utilize this amazing format to reach more underserved women and families in North Carolina. With your continued support, let us push away the darkness of death and shine a light of LIFE into the hardest to reach places.