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Dear Ministry Partners,

As we watched footage of Hurricane Florence’s floodwaters on the news, our hearts were heavy because we knew those raging waters could cause a loss of life. The National Guard and EMS services were called in, and it was all hands-on deck to try to save lives. It would have been nearly impossible to turn on the news and not see coverage of that horrific storm. Everywhere, people were being evacuated to safety.

Levine Children’s Hospital posted a picture of two tiny NICU patients who were care flighted to them to safely wait out the storm.


And yet, when preborn babies – larger than the ones in the picture above – lose their lives, it seems to go unnoticed. There is no news coverage of it. There is no public outcry. You won’t see the police or emergency personnel racing to help them.

Every day, preborn children face death from abortion – without the help, rescue efforts, or protection they deserve while in the womb. That is why Human Coalition exists. Because the preborn deserve to have every opportunity to live.

While Hurricane Florence raged across North Carolina, in Charlotte everyone was talking about the potential damage and concerns about the loss of life. Buildings were boarded up, and the police warned those who stayed behind of the imminent dangers of the coming storm. There was great concern about protecting life and preventing people from perishing.

Each day, 3,000 preborn children are lost to abortion. That is a massive loss of life. However, we don’t hear worried news reporters or police standing outside Planned Parenthood facilities giving warnings that a loss of life is about to happen. We don’t see footage of that devastation and loss. We don’t even hear about it.

Therefore, we must cry out to rescue the voiceless who face the most brutal death in the most sacred of places.

We must join together, sound the alarm, and ask for justice. If we are not moved by the number of abortions performed every day, then we are ignoring justice for the preborn. They are our future first responders, leaders, military, doctors, and EMS personnel. They will one day fight to save lives and protect this country. When we ignore justice for the preborn, we are destroying not only their future, but ultimately our own.

I’m so thankful for you. You are being used to save lives in Charlotte every day.

Because He lives,