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We Cannot Ignore Injustice

We cannot ignore injustice. As we watched the news reports about remnants of Hurricane Michael’s floodwaters impacting Atlanta, our hearts broke. We knew those raging waters could result in the loss of many lives. The city of Atlanta sought the help of the National Guard and EMS personnel, requesting all hands-on deck to save lives. That horrific storm was all over the news.

Unfortunately, the plight of the preborn isn’t.

And yet, we must do the same thing for the preborn that we do for flood victims. We must cry out for more people to help us rescue the voiceless who face death, whose precious lives are taken through abortion. We must band together, sound the alarm, and ask for justice.

If we are not moved by the number of babies aborted every day, then we are ignoring justice for the preborn. They are our future first responders, leaders, members of the National Guard and other branches of the military, EMS workers, and those who fight to save lives and protect this country.

When we ignore justice for their lives, then we are destroying our own future. So, the question you have to ask yourself is, what good can I do within the pro-life movement to help rescue lives?