Morgan and Joseph’s Story

Morgan looked at the positive pregnancy test in complete shock. 

She and the baby’s father, Joseph, had only been dating for a few months. Their living arrangements were complicated. They were in a tough financial situation. And they had no idea how they were going to take care of a baby. 

Morgan and Joseph recalled the day they found out. 

“I was pretty overwhelmed and scared and full of fear about making a choice that I could live with for the rest of my life,” Morgan said. 

“I remember just a lot of fear…the fear of not being able to provide for this child,” Joseph said. 

Joseph had some income at the time, but he also knew it wasn’t nearly enough to support a family, much less buy a house and build a stable life. 

They decided they had no other choice but to look for an abortion. 

During his research, Joseph was looking for a clinic that wouldn’t shame them but would instead provide real help and resources for their situation. One of the first places he found was a life-affirming Women’s Care Clinic owned by Human Coalition and supported by pro-life partners nationwideImmediately, he was impressed with the online ratings and comments. 

So, the couple scheduled an appointment. 

The Appointment That Changed Their Lives 

When they arrived for their appointment, they were offered a free ultrasound so they could meet their baby for the first time. Feeling comfortable in the clinic and with the staff, Morgan and Joseph agreed to the ultrasound. 

For Joseph, everything began to change when he heard their baby’s heartbeat. 

“That did something to my heart,” he said. 

After the ultrasound, both Morgan and Joseph spent time with the staff discussing their options and learning about the support they would have from the team at the women’s clinic. The staff talked to them about how they could assist with additional government benefits to empower them with the resources they needed to choose life. 

Over the course of the conversation as they learned how their needs could be met, the situation became less overwhelming to both Morgan and Joseph. It gave them the time to slow down and really consider what they wanted. It gave them the space to process their feelings and discover the true desire of their hearts. 

That desire was to choose life for their baby. 

“It’s a miracle of God.” 

While Morgan and Joseph had a strong support system from their family and friends, the team at the women’s clinic was still committed to helping the couple. 

“The people here [at the women’s clinic] have been involved [in] every single part of our journey… I had no idea that it was going to be like that,” Morgan said. 

The staff went to work providing for their physical, emotional, and tangible needs – even while working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the staff was able to throw Morgan and Joseph a baby shower and deliver the gifts directly to their door! 

Soon after, Morgan gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, Brindley. 

Even after the birth of Brindley, the women’s clinic staff continued walking with the family. They sent formula, diapers, wipes, and any other supplies they needed. 

“From the very first time I ever met them, all the way to even today, they’ve been so supportive, helpful, and giving,” Morgan said. 

Today, Morgan and Joseph are engaged and enjoying life with Brindley. Joseph is back in school studying to become a social worker, excited to serve people who are struggling with PTSD and substance abuse. 

“I have no doubt in my mind that this was God’s plan,” Joseph said. “It’s a miracle of God.” 

Improving Circumstances for Women and Families 

Of the women who contact Human Coalition seeking an abortion, 76% say they would prefer to parent if their life circumstances were better. 

That’s why Human Coalition focuses on helping women and families meet their physical, emotional, and tangible needs – improving their circumstances and promoting long-term stability. And with the help of so many champions of life across the country, moms and dads like Morgan and Joseph receive the resources, the support, and the HOPE they need to choose LIFE every day 

If you’d like to give again and help rescue even more children and families from abortion, now is the perfect time to jump in. Will you give today, and help rescue even more children and families from the horror of abortion?