Human Coalition has gone international! Unintentionally. One of our affiliate pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania just sent us this story:

As you know, Human Coalition uses the Internet to reach abortion-determined women and men. We then encourage them to connect with their local, pro-life pregnancy center where they receive loving, compassionate counsel and a free ultrasound of their child.

We know that when an abortion-determined person sees her baby on the ultrasound in a caring environment, the chances are excellent she will change her mind and choose to carry the child to term.

In early April, Human Coalition was able to reach a Chinese woman online who was looking for an abortion facility in Pennsylvania. In her mid-twenties, Sue (not her real name) had just finished school after two years of living in the U.S. A child was not in her plans.

In mid-April, Sue came in for her first appointment at the local pregnancy center. She was not yet far enough along to see her baby on an ultrasound, so she agreed to come back several days later.

And then Sue went home to China.

As many of you know, working in a pro-life pregnancy center can be very difficult and emotionally draining. Often, the staff doesn’t know the outcome of an appointment. As hard as centers work to follow up with each and every client, sometimes all they are left with is a name on a prayer list.

In this case, however, Sue made two courageous decisions. She decided to keep her baby, and she called (all the way from China) to let the center know she was going to be a mom after all.

Abortion is the worst holocaust in United States history, responsible for the death of more than 54 million Americans since 1973. It is nine times more severe than the Jewish holocaust and results in a death every 25 seconds. Abortion is, by far, the most critical issue of our day.

It is not just an American issue. Numerous countries across the globe abort millions of babies every year. And with China’s one child policy, it ranks among the highest of abortion-ravaged countries.

I encourage you to pray for Sue and her child. Sue has made a decision in a country that does not value preborn life, and the government backs that up with policy and practice.

And we should rejoice that Sue has chosen to be a mom – a choice for which she should be honored and esteemed.

Without your help, Sue would not have the joy and honor to call herself a mother. And another baby would have been lost. Thank you! We need your support and covet your prayers. Please consider donating to Human Coalition today.