“Joy” didn’t want to abort her baby.

After all, she was a Christian. She grew up in a pastor’s home. And she knew from a family member who had gone through an abortion that the regret and guilt that follows can be enough to destroy you.

Joy’s conviction to choose life was strong, but the pressure was mounting. The baby’s father, his parents, and even her own parents believed abortion was the best option. She didn’t think she could raise a child on her own but felt completely isolated in her conviction.

Fortunately, she found Human Coalition.

From Confusion, Sorrow, and Crisis, to Empowerment, Hope, and Life

Joy came into the clinic in a state of confusion, sorrow, and crisis. She was at her breaking point and tears filled her eyes as she told the counselor her story during the initial appointment.

The counselor listened to Joy and could instantly see the conviction she had to choose life for her child. All Joy needed was some reassurance that she could be a mom – with or without the help of her family. She could bring her child into the world and be the loving mom God designed her to be. And she would have the team at Human Coalition walking with her every step of the way!

A little support can make all the difference. Joy left her first visit to our office feeling empowered to choose life for her baby and distance herself from those pushing her to abort. She bravely decided to move out of her parents’ home to give them the space they needed to process the situation. While her choices were met with resistance, Joy had a renewed sense of hope that she would be strong enough and have the support system she needed to raise her child – even if her family never came around.

In the following months, her excitement and anticipation to meet her baby grew. And in that time, she was astonished to see hearts begin to change. She was overjoyed when the baby’s father and her mother turned a corner and joined in the excitement!

Delivering Life-Affirming Care and Support

Human Coalition’s life-affirming women’s care clinics are providing support to women like Joy every single day. Thanks to partners like you, young moms leave our clinics feeling empowered to choose life, knowing that a network of care is behind them to help fulfill their physical, emotional, and tangible needs.

Joy came back to visit us recently, eager to introduce the staff to her precious baby girl. Grinning ear to ear, Joy told us that her entire family had changed their mindset and became supportive of her and her little girl. Her conviction and determination to choose life for her child has transformed the family in ways they never thought possible.

And all it took was a little support.

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Thank you for your continued support of our effort to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime. We are so grateful for your partnership!