Rebuilding Her Life

“Adena” believed in second chances. A brief jail sentence had threatened to destroy her future, but she was a fighter. So after her release, she packed her bags, got in her car, and headed across the country to rebuild her life. Unfortunately, a positive pregnancy test brought her journey to an abrupt halt. After calling our national Contact Center, Adena made an appointment at one of our women’s care clinics that was near where she happened to be staying for a few days.

While meeting with our Care Coordinator, Adena shared that she was hoping to leave her bad choices behind her and start over in a new town. With no job or home, she couldn’t imagine rebuilding her life as a single mom.

During her appointment, we gave Adena a free ultrasound that revealed two big surprises. First, instead of one baby, there were two! Adena caught her breath as she tried to process the idea of having twins. Next, the ultrasound showed the pregnancy was much further along than she expected. In fact, Adena was more than halfway along in her pregnancy!

Overwhelmed by the news, Adena listened intently as our Care Coordinator described what an abortion would be like this late in the pregnancy. We also reminded Adena that she was not alone but would have the full support of our staff to guide and support her throughout the pregnancy and into parenthood.

Still in shock, Adena left the clinic feeling confused and indecisive. However, our staff did not give up on her. We continued to pray for her and offer encouragement to Adena.

After several days, Adena finally replied to our messages, telling us she’d made up her mind: She would parent her babies, no matter the odds.

What a great privilege it’s been to walk with Adena and watch her come out on the other side full of joy and gratitude. Thank you for supporting this mission and co-laboring with us as we pour into Adena and her beautiful children.