“Annika” was struggling to care for herself and her children. She felt like she’d finally found peace after freeing herself from an abusive ex. She’d worked very hard to sever all ties with him, and then the pregnancy test result was positive.

Pregnant? Pregnant! She couldn’t believe it. Her heart raced as thoughts pummeled her.

How am I going to manage this pregnancy and keep a safe distance between me and the baby’s father?

If he finds out I’m carrying his child, he’s going to be back in my life. And that opens the door to more abuse. But if I don’t tell him, how will I make it financially?


Desperate, scared, and overwhelmed, Annika felt panicked, wanting to protect herself from future abuse, believing abortion was her only option. Thankfully, she decided to call Human Coalition’s National Contact Center. The call agent who answered was kind and compassionate. She put Annika at ease and explained that she could set Annika up with a free ultrasound and pregnancy test at our nearby women’s care clinic. Annika readily agreed.

At the clinic, a care coordinator confirmed Annika’s pregnancy with an ultrasound. Annika couldn’t believe it. On the ultrasound screen, she saw her tiny baby girl, and her heart was beating strong. Annika shared how hard she’d been working to put her life back together. The abuse had taken a toll on her, and her self-confidence was at an all-time low.


Annika’s care coordinator talked about the resources available to her and her children to ensure their protection. Still feeling unsure and scared, Annika left the clinic. Panic rose with each breath. She thought, How do I avoid more abuse? How do I protect and care for my children at home? Think, Annika! You can’t fail another child.

But our clinic staff continued to follow up with her, breathing life into Annika’s situation, encouraging her, and offering hope and help. Her care coordinator listened to Annika’s fears and connected her to state, community, and clinic resources – including those that would provide protection for her little family. She explained to Annika that no matter what her failures were in life, she was worth helping!

So Annika decided to come back for a second ultrasound before making a final decision. Seeing little “Amara” wiggling and waving her arms and legs on the screen, Annika decided she couldn’t abort. She was keeping her child!


It’s through ongoing support that Annika felt loved enough to choose life for her baby. On behalf of Annika and Amara, thank YOU for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women. You are empowering more women like Annika to choose life. We truly appreciate you!