“Anternasia” is a survivor. She walked away from a bad car crash. She rebuilt her life after a devastating hurricane. And she left behind an abusive relationship. She always did what she had to do in order to survive. So now, in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy, Anternasia tapped into her survival mode and made the decision to abort.

While meeting one-on-one with our trained Care Coordinator, Anternasia confessed she was afraid to be a single parent. The baby’s father wasn’t interested in parenting; and with no support system to help her, she believed abortion was the easiest option. Like all of the previous struggles she had overcome, this pregnancy would soon be a thing of the past.

However, the ultrasound revealed a baby much larger than expected and a pregnancy much further along than anticipated. So with the same determination she’d used when facing so many other challenges in her life, Anternasia boldly faced the reality of her pregnancy and decided to embrace her life as a single mother.

Today, she is the mother of a beautiful baby girl. And with the support of our clinic, she is once again rebuilding her life. Thanks to you and your support, Anternasia went from dreading parenthood to welcoming it with excitement and joy!