For several weeks, “Arianna” had been experiencing pregnancy symptoms, so she made an appointment at our women’s care clinic. Although she came to us seeking a verifiable pregnancy test, Arianna had already made up her mind that she would get an abortion if the test came back positive.

Despite having two children at home, whom she adored, Arianna was firm that she didn’t want any more children. Her hands were full, and her financial struggles were many. So when the pregnancy test confirmed what she expected, both Arianna and the baby’s father agreed abortion was their best option.

Although the couple had been together for 10 years, they still struggled with communication and financial issues, both of which weighed heavily on Arianna’s decision to abort.

Over the next several weeks, Arianna returned to the clinic for follow-up ultrasounds, continuing to wrestle with her decision. Finally, she chose to keep the baby because she couldn’t afford an abortion. Although her decision was based solely on finances, our team focused on helping Arianna prepare for parenting another child.

By providing parenting and budgeting classes, along with material blessings such as baby clothes and furniture, Arianna has been equipped to parent her baby boy.

Thanks to your financial and prayerful support, Ariana went from dreading her pregnancy to embracing it. She and her boyfriend continue to improve their relationship and are poised to be great parents for their son!