On December 27th, a 36 year-old woman in Pennsylvania went online to find an abortion clinic. She has a long-time boyfriend, got pregnant, but didn’t want to tell him about the pregnancy. She was looking for a quick way out.

She went to a search engine site like Google and typed in “abortion” or “abortion clinic.” Instead of seeing Planned Parenthood or a local abortion center, she clicked on our link. We directed her to call her local pro-life pregnancy center.

She was calling for information about how to get an abortion, but the counselor at our partner center engaged her in conversation about her pregnancy, her options, and the need for a sonogram to confirm the pregnancy. She agreed to have an appointment and came in to the pro-life pregnancy center the same day.

The sonogram was inconclusive because the client was not far enough along in her pregnancy. However, she agreed not to take any abortive action at the time because she was hoping she would miscarry. She scheduled a second sonogram for January 5th.

She did not show for her appointment and did not return any of the center’s phone calls.

Many stories of clients that we send to our partner pregnancy centers end there. We don’t know what happens. What did they decide? Did they choose life or did they abort their child?

Sometimes, though, we find out that one sonogram (even inconclusive) and wise counsel turn the tide.

This client called back recently just to tell the center’s staff that she has chosen to carry and raise her baby.

I certainly wish that every story ended this way. But as you can see from our statistics, 59 appointments have been made through Human Coalition, with 33 being kept and 22 decisions for Life. Sometimes the client doesn’t show, sometimes they show and still decide to abort.

But in the majority of cases, if the client comes in for an appointment and sees a sonogram, they choose life.

And this 36 year-old mom-to-be did just that.

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