“Bethany” seemed to have everything going for her. A strikingly beautiful woman in her early 20s, she was winding down her college career and planning the next phase of her life…grad school, a job on the first rung of some corporate ladder, maybe even marriage. But all of those dreams were put on hold the morning Bethany discovered she was pregnant. Even though she and David had been dating for nearly a year, she didn’t believe she was ready to raise a baby, and she definitely didn’t feel prepared for marriage.

David, who is also driven and successful, agreed with his girlfriend’s assessment. After all, he had his college football career to consider. And after that it would be time to focus on his own job search. Although he cared deeply for Bethany, a baby was far outside the scope of his plans for the near future. Knowing this to be the case, Bethany began searching for abortion information.

Like thousands of women who face unplanned pregnancies each year, Bethany went to the one place where she knew her search would be discreet and confidential: the Internet. After typing abortion-related terms into the search field of her web browser, Bethany called the first phone number that appeared on her computer screen.

The cheerful voice on the other end of the line greeted Bethany warmly. She decided she was not interested in speaking with a life-affirming pregnancy center and nearly hung up the phone. She was convinced an abortion was what she really needed. But the tone of the woman’s voice filled Bethany with something she hadn’t felt since the morning she took that pregnancy test — encouragement and hope.

After explaining her situation to a member of the staff at this life-affirming pregnancy center, Bethany agreed to schedule an appointment for a free ultrasound. The woman even suggested that Bethany bring David along for moral support.

As the young couple sat in the waiting room of the pregnancy center the next day, fear and angst filled their hearts and minds. Both had always considered themselves to be pro-life, yet here they were contemplating getting the very procedure they’d always been opposed to…

A few minutes later, Bethany found herself in a different room talking with one of the pregnancy center’s staff members. Showing genuine concern, the nurse listened intently as Bethany poured out all of her hopes and fears. She shared how much she really cared for David and that they hoped to get married someday and even have children someday. Almost mechanically, Bethany repeatedly said they were too young and not ready.

Meanwhile, David was out in the waiting room talking with the assistant director of the pregnancy center. Like Bethany, he also repeated phrases like too young, not ready, and someday. Yet, even as he tried to explain his choice to abort the child, his eyes welled with tears.

Finally, David joined Bethany in the ultrasound room. As the nurse rolled the probe across Bethany’s abdomen, the room was completely still. When the image of their beautiful, perfectly formed five-month-old baby appeared on the monitor, David reached for Bethany’s hand, and the two of them began to cry. The nurse pointed out the baby’s beating heart, kicking feet, and yawning mouth. The young couple laughed. Suddenly the idea of being a parent someday became a reality. They were parents…today.

Bethany and David left the life-affirming pregnancy center that day with renewed hope in their ability to parent. Having received information about childbirth classes, parenting classes, and available spiritual support, they felt empowered and even excited about welcoming a baby into their lives.

Their journey is not unlike that of many couples who find themselves in a similar situation.

Bethany and David’s original plan to abort their child was altered, thanks to the online marketing outreach efforts of Human Coalition. Through advanced technology coupled with compassion and grace, we’re able to reach abortion-determined women and men, like Bethany and David, and help guide them to their local life-affirming pregnancy center where they can be fully educated regarding not just abortion, but also parenting, available resources, and much more.

So far through our lifesaving efforts, Human Coalition has helped rescue over 1,900 babies from abortion. And with your help, we can save thousands more.

Your gift of $265 is needed to verifiably help save one baby from abortion. But any amount you can give today…$200, $100, even $25 will go far in allowing us to help rescue babies and their families from abortion.

Couples like Bethany and David need to know there is hope and help available to them — even in the midst of a crisis like an unplanned pregnancy. Won’t you help us reach them?