“Brittany” had already faced an unexpected pregnancy and chosen life. Her 1-year-old daughter was now thriving as Brittany continued her education, attending night school so she could earn her GED and go on to nursing school.

But then she learned she was pregnant.

Brittany’s dreams seemed to crumble. How could she care for her daughter, attain her high school diploma, and take care of a newborn? Believing abortion was the only solution, Brittany reached out to our Grapevine Women’s Care Clinic.

When our compassionate Continuum of Care Coordinator met with Brittany and her family, it was clear her immediate family did not support Brittany’s decision to abort. But they felt voiceless in the decision. The ultrasound revealed a healthy, active baby. Although the idea of having an abortion saddened her, Brittany couldn’t imagine another option. Repeatedly, she told our Care Coordinator that she didn’t want her 1-year-old daughter to suffer because of her bad decisions.

The challenges felt insurmountable. But what if we could help eliminate those challenges one by one? Would Brittany consider life for her preborn child?

A meeting with our Continuum of Care Coordinator began to soften Brittany’s resolve. We discussed options for continuing her education while she parented two children. Brittany was unaware of the breadth of social services available to women in her shoes. Slowly, her commitment to abortion waned.

The Continuum of Care Coordinator continued following up with Brittany for weeks, providing support and guidance. We even helped her obtain financial aid so she could realize her dream of attending college.

After receiving so much assistance, Brittany chose life! She gave birth to a baby girl, and she is enrolled for the fall semester at her local community college. Brittany is filled with so much hope, and she knows she has a bright future ahead of her.