Many of the women who visit our Raleigh women’s care clinic hope to have an abortion by taking the “abortion pill,” a drug that can be taken early in the pregnancy to induce an abortion without the invasive surgical procedure.

“Cadia” is a client who wanted to take that pill when she walked through our doors.

Already a mother to two children, Cadia was living with her family and dependent on them for financial support and childcare. However, they were upset that she was pregnant again, so she felt she needed to get an abortion in order to retain their help.

Years earlier, Cadia had undergone a surgical abortion to terminate a prior pregnancy. While she was devastated at the thought of aborting another baby, she hoped to avoid the pain of the surgical procedure this time around.

During Cadia’s appointment at our women’s care clinic, our staff administered an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, and Cadia saw her baby on the monitor. The ultrasound revealed that Cadia was too far along in her pregnancy to use the abortion pill. So if she still chose to abort the baby, she’d have to endure another surgical abortion.

As our staff explained to Cadia what the abortion procedure would involve, she began to cry…but they weren’t tears of sorrow. She was crying tears of relief. After seeing her baby on that screen and knowing what would happen to her precious child if she chose to abort, Cadia said she wanted to choose life.

Our staff continued to meet with Cadia in the days following her first appointment. We also talked with her family and worked through how they might meet the increased needs and demands that come with a new baby.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to walk this road with Cadia and her family, supporting and cheering them on as they welcome a new child into their home to love and raise.