As I announced in my email a couple of days ago, our clinic continues to be owned and operated by Human Coalition (previously known as Human Coalition). Like before, Human Coalition will continue to provide the marketing, data analysis, and organizational infrastructure for our women’s care clinic locations—both mobile and brick-and-mortar—thereby freeing up our clinic staff to provide compassionate long-term care for women and families in our community.

These are women like “Cheryl” who recently visited our women’s mobile clinic. While on her way to Planned Parenthood, and with money in hand to get an abortion, Cheryl and her friend encountered our women’s mobile clinic parked on a street near her neighborhood.

Cheryl didn’t want to get an abortion; but since she was single, unemployed, and only in her mid-20s, she felt she had no choice. “Everyone was telling me to abort,” Cheryl recalls.

Upon receiving a warm greeting from one of our caregivers, Cheryl entered our state-of-the-art mobile clinic. She received a free pregnancy test and an ultrasound, and for the first time she saw her baby’s heart beating. Cheryl’s mind raced with memories of her mother’s two abortions. She told the caregiver that she often thought of the babies her mother aborted, and she wondered if they would have been a brother or sister.

After the ultrasound, Cheryl and the caregiver talked about her options. Our staff explained how we’d walk beside Cheryl throughout her pregnancy and help her thrive as a parent. Cheryl then realized that she’d been looking to the wrong people for help. “All of those people who told me to abort won’t help me or my kids. Why should I listen to them?”

Today, Cheryl tells us that encountering our women’s mobile clinic on her way to Planned Parenthood was just one of many signs that she believes God showed her to convince her to keep the baby.

Although our clinic’s name has changed, our mission has not. We remain committed to rescuing children and serving families who are struggling with the decision to abort. And we continue to build strong partnerships with local churches, so women like Cheryl have a spiritual family to rally around them even after their pregnancy.

We are very excited about our new name, and we’re encouraged by our staff’s continued commitment to rescue children and serve families in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Please join us in this mission.

Your donation—no matter the amount—will go far in equipping our clinic to be a beacon of hope to women and families in our community who are contemplating aborting their children.

Stand with us today so we can rescue more children from abortion.